The Fellowship of the Assbutt

The Fellowship of the Assbutt

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30 Days of Supernatural

Day 18 - Favorite SPN romance


You can say what you want, but for me this ship will always be canon. Those two jackasses are just too stubborn / stupid / unsure / afraid to admit their feelings yet even to themselves. And of course there is always something going on like apocalypse or beating up leviathans so… I’m still waiting more peaceful times when they can have the big talk.

But why them? Because they share so strong and beautiful chemistry which is bigger than any “real couple” shares in this show. They are my biggest OTP and in my opinion all what they’ve been through together is the best love story ever told. From Hell to Purgatory. There has been bad times when I’m cried my eyes out because of them, but there has been also good times when they make me smile and say "aaaw".

This romance will last forever far longer than forever.

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